Design Rear Wing WINGTEC W-250d "Born to Drift"

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Design Rear Wing W-250d

Design Rear Wing WINGTEC W-250d


The WINGTEC rear wings are technically useful aerodynamic parts for Trackdays or other motorsport events.

A rear wing basically provides for aerodynamic downforce  and thus for more grip and stability. The result is faster cornering (higher cornering speed), which ultimately results in faster lap times - with more driving safety.


Rear wing made of high quality glass fibre reinforced plastic.

Wing span: 1,40m

Wing chord: 250mm

Downforce at 0° angle of attack:      ~60kg @200km/h,       ~95kg @250km/h

Downforce at 15° angle of attack:    ~125kg @200km/h,     ~195kg @250km/h

Weight: 2,5kg


For Sports Cars and Track-Day vehicles:

The WINGTEC W-250 rear wing was designed as a plug & play element for easy and uncomplicated use on sports vehicles of all performance levels. With an angle of attack between 0 ° and 5 °, no further changes to the vehicle and suspension are required, and a good maximum speed is achieved. The rear wing eliminates the natural, typical aerodynamic rear lift of production car bodies and transforms them into downforce.


For race cars:

The WINGTEC W-250 rear wing shows very balanced characteristics and a good compromise between downforce and drag,  specially developed for use on the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

In racing cars, the angle of attack can be set up 15°. However, at high angles of attack, modificatons to the vehicle, suspension, aerodynamic balance and support structure on the trunk / decklid may be required.




End plates and wing supports available separately.

The specified aero forces can vary, depending on the location and on the air flow over the vehicle body.

These aerodynamic parts are designed for better performance of your vehicle and for motorsport use.

Accordingly, no TÜV approval, ABE or similar approval is available.